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In Christian Report on January 31, 2013 at 10:58 pm

Waitress Who Posted No-Tip Receipt From Pastor Fired

Teens Jailed After Robbing Church Members At Gunpoint

1c8d49e89bca4e242dfaa47fedfbfb72UPDATE: ‘Gay’ Dog Spared from Euthanasia

Church of England to Allow ‘Celibate’ Gay Bishops

Catholic College Sees Double Attendance for Atheism Course

Priest Tried To Smuggle Condoms He Swallowed Full of Cocaine


In Christian Report on January 30, 2013 at 8:07 am


Girl, 15, Who Performed at Obama’s Inauguration Last Week Shot Dead in Chicago

Tennessee Bill Requires Schools to ‘Out’ Gay Kids to Parents

Mass. School Threatens to Suspend 5-Year-Old for Lego Gun

Muslim Claims He Didn’t Know Rape Was Illegal…
…Spared by UK Court

North Carolina Church Charged With $216,000 Electric Bill

White House Petitioned to Label Catholic Church as a ‘Hate Group’

Your Baptized Babies Are As Good As Ours: Catholics and Some Protestants Agree to Recognize Each Others’ Baptisms

UK May Approve Gay ‘Marriage’, Abolish Adultery

1 in 4 Americans believe God influences the outcome of sporting events

Teacher Fired After Becoming Transgendered Sues Catholic School

Arkansas Senate approves guns in churches

Indiana woman embezzles $200K from church

In Christian Report on January 28, 2013 at 9:26 pm

Christian TV Station Launched in the Holy Land


Americans Giving More to Charity, But Less to Churches

HOLY CHAOS! Miraculous Healings Sweep Through Ivory Coast

…”The blind were healed, the cripples walked, cancers disappeared.”

Texas Church Hires Convicted Sex Offender As Senior Pastor

Divorce Filings in Israel Rose 9% in 2012

Girl Found Locked in Cage While Mom, Kids and Boyfriend and Go To Movie

Love Your Neighbors: North Carolina Church Sued by Neighbors Over Noise

article-2269255-17320D6E000005DC-6_634x727Pope’s Dove of Peace Attacked By Seagull

In Christian Report on January 28, 2013 at 8:54 pm


Boy Scouts Likely to Approve Gay Leaders in Major Policy Reversal

‘Sin City’ Tops List of Most Megachurch-Oriented Cities

Pentecostal Woman Fired for Wearing Skirt Collects $25K From Burger King

Church members catch, hog-tie burglary suspect

…Second time church was robbed in two weeks!

Armed Robber Flees Empty-Handed After Women Chant “JESUS!”

Ohio Church Raises $10,000 to Pay Neighbors’ Water Bills

UK church records 30 minutes of silence, sells out on CD

Dangerous Wristband

Dangerous: Boy, 6, banned from wearing Christian wristband

In Christian Report on January 28, 2013 at 4:49 pm

The “Naked Archaeologist” Sues Real Archaeologist

Married Priest Says He Will Stop Having Sex

Car smashes through church wall hitting woman inside

Woman Robbed and Raped on Church Property

Pastor Packs Pistol in the Pulpit

Irish Say Religion Is Least Important Part of Their Lives


Gaga Prays
For Brazilian Nightclub Victims

Satanists Praise Florida Governor for Signing School Prayer Law
…“Hail Satan! Hail Rick Scott!”

Pastor quits job to run cross-country marathon

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