Thoughts on Homosexuality and Christianity

In Biblically Speaking on July 21, 2015 at 2:31 pm

This is taken from two comments that I posted on July 20 and 21, 2015 in reply to an article on the Huffington Post titled “I am a Christian. You Are Something Else.

Part of what it means to become a Christian is to repent, i.e., turn from, your sin. Confession of sin means that you say the same thing about your sin as God says about it. These definitions are based on the meaning of the original Greek words for these terms in the Bible. Since God says in the Bible that homosexual behavior is sin, those who agree with God confess that it is sin, i.e., “say the same thing as” God about it. They don’t make up their own definition to suit themselves or to justify their contrary behavior. When people ask how they can be saved, i.e., have eternal life, the answer is always repent and believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and you will be saved. If you continue to practice your sin, you have not turned from it, i.e., repented of it. If you embrace your sin and celebrate it and make it a lifestyle, you have not repented of it. Thus you have not followed the teaching of Christ and His Apostles, and if you do not follow these, you do not meet the definition of “Christian”, i.e., follower of Christ.

There are some in the church, such as myself, open-minded enough to entertain the idea that some people may be born with same sex attraction. Sometimes people are born with genetic abnormalities, such as conjoined twins, babies missing limbs, congenital birth defects, etc. And a person truly born that way cannot help the way they are attracted. However, to say that “I am born this way” is no excuse to sin. The Bible says that we are ALL born in sin, we all have proclivities in our body that can lead us to violate God’s standards. That is why Jesus said “You must be born again.” So to say that “I am born this way” is no excuse for the gay or the straight. All must be born again.

The choice that gay people do have, whether they are born that way or chose to be gay later on in life (and honest people will acknowledge that there are some who say that they chose to be gay)– the choice that they have is whether they will engage in homosexual behavior, or not; will they follow God’s law or their own proclivities? Not incidentally, this is also the choice that faces heterosexual people. As a straight male, I face the choice of whether or not I will act on my bodily proclivities that would violate God’s laws, such as fornication and adultery. Since we are being open minded, who is to say that pedophiles are not born attracted to children? I think further scientific study could shed some light on this topic. But even if science proved that some individuals are born predisposed to be sexually attracted to children, I do not think society would then excuse their having sex with children, nor allow them to marry children. And rightly so, in part because children are considered legally unable to consent because such an action takes advantage of their minority and their innocence, just as the selfish actions of gay parents deprive children of their right to be raised by their biological mother and father.

To conclude, even if a person is born gay that is no excuse to sin. Jesus said you must be born again. While a gay person may not be able to control who they are physically attracted to, they are responsible for what they do and can refrain from homosexual sex, which is what the Bible commands them to do and for which God will be justified in holding them accountable, just like everyone else. This is not homophobic; I love gay people like I love everyone else. In fact I believe it is unloving towards gay people to not tell them the truth. If the truth is that those who engage in homosexual sex will not inherit the kingdom of God and I tell you that it is OK, and I welcome you into my church and tell you that you are not in sin , and I affirm your lifestyle and bless and approve of and participate in a so called gay wedding, then it is I who is doing you a grave disservice by leading you astray. In such a case I would actually be a wolf in sheep’s clothing, and such people who lead a souls astray will also be held accountable. And if I’m wrong, and the Bible is wrong, and there is no God and no judgment, then none of this matters anyway! But if I’m right…

God bless you all.

  1. Such arrogance… Gay Christians are doing just fine. They are more righteous than some Pharisees.

    • Again I have to ask, if you haven’t repented of your sins, are you really a Christian? The Pharisees would not repent (because they really weren’t righteous); they thought that they were doing just fine…

      • Loving who you are born to love is not a sin. And don’t compare them with drug users or pedophiles; that just shows your malice.

        Did you ever clobber gays to increase your fundraiser result?

      • With malice toward none… If you are the definer of what is and is not sin, then you have made yourself your own god.

      • Now you are just insulting me. Creating a home is not a sin. Doesn’t take God to figure that out.

  2. I once heard a down-home saying that I like: “If you throw a rock into a pack of dogs, the one that yelps is the one that got hit.”

  3. It is great that sinners want to be part of the Church, but we all have to come in on God’s terms, not our own. I don’t even excuse my own sins.

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