Israel, the Reign of the Messiah, and Roman Catholicism Vs. Protestantism

In Morning Program, Questions Asked on The Narrow Path Radio Program on July 29, 2013 at 11:16 am

Questions asked on The Narrow Path Radio Program hosted by Steve Gregg – Morning Show 7/29/2013

1. I know of at least of three definitions of the very word or name of “Israel”. I wonder if it is like how the book of Revelation has four different views to it and there is an element of truth in each one?  The three definitions I have heard regarding the word “Israel” are: “ruled by God”, “ruled with God”, and “wrestled with God” because of Jacob’s wrestling.  What are your thoughts on that?  At the end of Galatians it says “blessing on the Israel of God.” Do you agree that it refers to those who are one with God through Christ, the Church.  Paul does talk of “Israel after the flesh” and then “the Israel of God” which sounds like two separate things, one covered under the old covenant and the one covering the new covenant, which includes all those who believe in Christ, right? Also, brief discussion of the term “Judeo-Christian” which caller says made him cringe.

2. Concerning Isaiah 11:1-10, I’ve always understood this as describing the reign of the Messiah when He returns.  Verse 9 says “they shall not nor destroy in all My holy mountain for the earth shall be full of the knowledge of Yahweh as the waters cover the sea.”  Has that happened yet? and when will it happen?  Also, one of the reasons why the Messiah has to return when He does it to cut short utter destruction, so how can we be progressing toward more and more knowledge and yet when He comes He has to cut short those days “or no flesh will be saved”?  Of the “stone cut out with no hands” in Daniel it says it shall fill the whole earth; does that mean the whole earth or just a certain geographical area? Doesn’t this refer to the rule of the Messiah over the whole earth?  When does that take place?

3. The Roman Catholic Church is at least monolithic, they have one guy to call the shots, whereas with Protestants, if people in a church don’t like what is going on they can split and form another denomination, and there are thousands of Protestant sects and denominations. So what are your thoughts on the authority claims of the Roman Catholic Church? If the Protestant/Reformed tradition was correct or more correct than the Catholic tradition, then where was it for the first 1,500 years until Martin Luther came along? Would agree with me that the Catholic Church basically sanctioned or founded the canon of Scripture? basically compiled the Bible that we call the Bible?

Here is a link to the audio of the show.


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