Forgiveness and Justification

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Here are some highlights I’ve excerpted from a sermon today entitled “Have You Claimed Your Full Birthright?” by Pastor Zac Poonen, given at Abundant Life Christian Fellowship in Mountain View, California:

“Forgiveness means, let me use an illustration: If you had a billion dollar debt, that’s a picture of your debt of sin to God. Every sin is like a debt we owe to God. And when Christ died and took the punishment for all of that, He canceled that certificate of debt (Colossians 2) and my debt became zero. Completely cleared, a billion dollars! That itself would have been the greatest news in the world! But there is more. That’s forgiveness.

onemilliondollars“Now justification means now that my debt is cleared God puts a billion dollars into my account! That is justification. So my bank account, my credit goes from minus one billion dollars not to zero (that itself would have been great) but to PLUS one billion dollars! That is justification.

“He died, the Bible says in Romans 4, the last verse, He died to forgive our sins.  He rose again so that we can be justified. And we need to know the benefit of both.

“Why is it we can’t stand before God just with forgiveness? If all my sins are forgiven I’m still not fit to stand before God because I’ve got this filthy nature I’ve got from Adam which will never go away from me till I die. And therefore God clothes me with the righteousness of Christ, justification, so I stand before God just as if. Justified means ‘Just-as-if-I’d never sinned.’  Just as if I’d never sinned, and more than that, clothed with the righteousness of Christ. …”

Here are links to audio and video of this sermon.


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