Are you a true Christian? A pig in the muck or like a cat?

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Here are some highlights I’ve excerpted from a sermon today entitled “Have You Claimed Your Full Birthright?” by Pastor Zac Poonen, given at Abundant Life Christian Fellowship in Mountain View, California:

Are you a true believer? A pig in the muck or like a cat?


“Because new birth brings a change of nature. And one way I can illustrate it is from the pig and the cat. A pig loves the muck, loves the dirt. And if you come to India you’ll see the pigs are really dirty, nobody cares much for them, they just move around, they’re filthy all the time. But you’ll never see a filthy cat, anywhere. They’re always licking themselves and keeping themselves clean. They love cleanliness.


Now that doesn’t mean a cat never falls into dirty water; a cat can fall. But there will be a difference when a cat falls into the muck and a pig falls into the muck. The pig just enjoys it. The cat jumps out! And that’s how you know whether you’re a believer or an unbeliever. Not whether you sin but what’s your reaction when you do fall into sin? Do you stay there? Have you ever seen a cat that when it falls in looks around to see if anybody watched

it, and enjoys it a little bit and then comes out? That’s not a real cat, that’s a pig with a cat’s clothing! There are a lot of pigs with cats’ clothing among believers. If when you sin you have to look around to see whether anybody watched you you better check up what your nature is. If God has changed your nature, even if nobody is watching you, you may fall, you may fall to your dying day, but you’ll have a reaction: ‘Oh I hate that!’ It’s like touching a live electric wire: if you’re dead nothing happens but if you’re alive you react immediately. This is the reaction of a true believer to sin. We may accidentally touch a hot plate on a stove but there will be a reaction if there is life; that’s mark of a true believer. …”

Here are links to audio and video of this sermon.


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